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30 years of spring splash

UC Riverside's Annual Spring Music Festival


Anchored as the biggest event of the year, Spring Splash has brought the energy to UC Riverside since 1990! Nestled away from the entertainment hubs in major cities, the Associated Students Program Board (ASPB) brainstormed a large-scale, festival-type event that would bring a unique entertainment experience to UC Riverside. Spring Splash soon became the most anticipated event of the year at UC Riverside, as it featured more notable musical performers and varied largest attractions! This day-time festival brought the students of UC Riverside new and exciting experiences under the bright Southern California sun! 


The goal of Spring Splash has always been to provide a quality music festival that brings all of the UC Riverside students together and cultivate the diversity that permeates every part of this campus life. Spring Splash celebrates the end of the school year by inviting Highlanders to destress and experience a festival for free! Throughout the years, Spring Splash has developed into a multi-faceted music festival that stretches all around campus and features: live musical acts, street performers, art installations, large-scale attractions, local and national sponsors, food vendors, and so much more! 


This Spring-time festival will forever build the best college memories for our students at UC Riverside and hallmark their experience as a proud Highlander! Whether you join us for your favorite artist, food truck, or free giveaway, Spring Splash will deliver an aspect for you to enjoy! We invite you to relive thirty years of memories and help us plan for many more!


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